• Delphine

Ethical accommodation and travel

The question becomes more and more essential:

How are we going to travel tomorrow?

Beyond feasibility, we are more and more concerned with global warming and our responsibility as travelers. Yet traveling can see positive consequences on the planet and on the people who inhabit it from the moment we choose our destinations and our way of traveling. As always, it's all about balance and awareness.

It is this set that I am trying to address in this film the impact of responsible tourism that I invite you to watch to find out a little more about eco tourism and its challenges.

We find these same questions on travel podcasts, such as the Allo la Planète Podcast where you can find an interview with Castelo Vendom on this issue in Brazil. Show # 23 from Beyond the Walls from minute 27:

As well as on blogs / ethical travel agencies such as Ethik Hotels where more and more accommodations around the world have chosen the responsible voice.

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