From mid-July to mid-February, constant wind from 14 to 25 knots, a lot of flat and waves ...




Parajuru is mainly famous for its flat spot at low tide as at high tide. The lagoon formed by the sandbank in front of the shore gives it a surface sheltered from waves and wind at the top of the water.

The wind is Side On or Side.

The wind blows between 14 and 25 knots on a regular basis.

Its configuration allows it to generate a little more wind than the spots around.

You have feet, the water is warm, the sand is white and no sea urchins, corals, rocks or marine animals likely to injure you.

The ideal spot to start as well as to progress!




The Castelo Vendom offers you a very advantageous rate for renting equipment on site.


By renting at Castelo, you can:

  • You can move wherever you want with your equipment

  • You don't have schedules

  • Storage at Castelo is included

  • We take you with other spots around: Pontal, Uruau, Barra Nova.

  • We can accompany you on our secret spots

  • We advise you at best

  • You benefit from equipment in perfect condition


Rental equipment:

Kite, board, harness, pump, paddle, foil.

See Rental rate below.





Little known for its waves, the spot of Parajuru is however provided with pretty waves not too high, to have fun without being afraid.

At high tide, in strapless, or at rising tide on our secret spots.

For beginners, a very smooth swell forms at low tide off the lagoon and allows you to descend mountains of water without taking the broth.












During the wind season, the Castelo Vendom brings in each year a coach to help you progress or a teacher to teach you kitesurfing.
We were able to receive among others: Fabio Ingrosso who trains Maureen Castelle, Philippe Ancelin known for his tutoriels, Laura Jaubert champion of France, Sophie Chevalier, pro kiter ...   Angely Bouillot, known for her Big Air, her speed records and her tricks!


Do you want to progress?

Come to Castelo !!


This year 2020, we will also be offering beginner courses at IKO 4 level based on learning kitesurfing or the very first jumps and tricks.


See below our kite stays in hand.




Parajuru still offers some unknown spots where we can take you.

By buggy, in just 15 minutes or 30 minutes for the most distant, we offer you immaculate lagoons.

Fresh water or salt water for a few hours out of time, alone in the world!

Just the journey to get there is already worth it!












Parajuru is at the center of 3 other kitesurf spots that we invite you to discover with us from Castelo Vendom.

We will take you 15 km from there to the Pontal spot, 20 km to the Uruau spot and 40 km to the Barra Nova lagoon.

Depending on the tides and the configuration of each spot and your level, we organize half-day or full-day "escakites" for you.

We also organize at the same time or on other occasions accompanied downwinds with buggy or minivan transfers.








Our KiteSurf packages

Beginners & Autonomous

Course 2020

7 nights - 8 days



  • Accommodation in a shared double room,

  • Dinners from Sunday to Thursday,

  • AR airport transfers,

  • The daily AR buggy transfer on the spot

  • One hour massage offered

  • An initiation to yoga offered

+ 8 hours of Kitesurfing lessons




Débutants & Autonomes

Course excluding Offers

We also work with the Parajuru kitesurf school where we organize your lessons.


Ask us!


Languages ​​spoken: English, German, Brazilian.


For autonomous

We have the possibility to rent kitesurfing equipment directly from the Castelo.

The advantage is that you don't have schedules to pick it up or drop it off and you can take it anywhere you want.


We rent Takoon Wook 2018 & 2019 in perfect condition. They are very secure, easy to handle and take off easily. They perfectly support strong winds and allow you to make your jumps safely.


Sizes 8-10-12 and 14, as well as twinpics, harness belts and pumps, impact vests.

The package including 1 harness, 2 wings to choose according to the wind, a board, a pump:


1 day: 80 €

1 week: 315 €

10 days: 400 €

14 days: 500 €


insurance included up to € 60 repair


Paddle rental


The Parajuru lagoon and its river are perfect for paddle boarding.

We offer half-day rental to give you time to rest between two sessions.

For 2 person: 25 €


Foil rental


Slingshot board and mats, 4 heights (38,65,76,90cm) of possible mats, with or without pads

For 1 person: 30 € / Day

Week 180 €


Rental Board only



For 1 person : 20 € / Day

Week 120 €


For 1 person : 25 € / Day

Week 150 €

affiche charles brodel 2.png

FOIL Coaching

It is with Charles that from November 22 to December 6, 2021, we offer coaching dedicated to your progress in the following disciplines (and more):


Intermediate courses:


- Understand the foil

- Safety rules

- How not to get hurt

- Optimization of maneuvers

- Initiation to freestyle


Expert courses:


Progression to competition:

  • Jumps

  • Grab

  • One foot

  • Board off

  • Back front

  • Back roll

  • Kite loop

  • ...


We offer 8 hours of group and solo coaching over a week.

2 hours solo and 6 hours in groups of 3 maximum.

A schedule will be edited according to the number of participants and the tides.


The week includes your accommodation in a double room, breakfasts, dinners from Monday to Thursday evening, return transfers to the central spot with your equipment, a return transfer to Canoa Quebrada to go to dinner freely one weekend evening, a return airport transfer, and coaching.


The coaching does not include the foil material, we invite you to come with your own material. However, you can rent kites on site, subject to availability (to be reserved in advance). If you do not yet have any foil equipment, Charles Brodel can advise you on several options before your stay.
Courses possible with your box and / or twintip sails.
Beginner lessons on request.



Price of the customer week:

Stay for two people in an RS5300 double room, i.e. around € 430 / person + € 450 for coaching

Stay for one person in a double room RS4420, i.e. around 720 € / person + 450 € for coaching



From 20 to 21 November 2021, the second international Foil competition will take place, @superfoilbrasil in Fortaleza.
We can organize, on request, your stay in Fortaleza with Charles Brodel, including transfer and accommodation.

affiche charles brodel 1.png




We care about your interests and your health.
We have therefore sought the best insurance to cover you in case of glitches for yourself and the equipment, and thus allow you to spend your vacation with confidence.

We recommend that you take out Sport Evasio insurance from Europe Assistance first.

Castelo insurance will complete their offer for minor damage to equipment and up to € 60 of repair. Beyond, and for any tear of veil of more than 50 cm accumulated, the quality of the material is strongly questioned. You will be billed for the replacement replacement value.

See details on the blog article here