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In this region there is no stud farm as you can know them in Europe or in developed countries. Here, we are closer to the idea of ​​the farwest, it's cowgirls & cowboys atmosphere!
Discovery of the great outdoors and triple gallops on the beaches with often a few wild horses!
The horses are vaquejade horses, that is to say local rodeo which is practiced by two, the aim being to make a cow fall between two lines. These therefore respond to the fingers and the eye and above all, most importantly, they are not stressed at all, they are Zen because their environment is Zen. Hugs and games are easy.
They were not raised and educated as in France. Each vaqueiro (local cowboy) has their own way of teaching.
You will have to forget the sharp orders, the horses are guided more by feelings and intentions. This does not prevent them from being very reactive once the orders are understood.
If you like the great outdoors, breathtaking landscapes, the feeling of freedom and symbiosis with the animal, forget everything and come and taste this inner peace felt here.


No stud therefore, but fazendas, which literally means "firm".
Often small structures with 3 or 4 horses in a vaguely furnished space.
The region being very poor, only large owners afford the luxury of having horses.
Two fazendas open their doors to us:
  • One in Parajuru where you can find 4 horses for quiet strolls with gallops on the beach. Quickly accessible, we will go between the village and the maquis beach, on the back of very Zen horses. 1-2 hour ride
  • Another 30 minutes from Castelo by buggy where we can find more sporty horses for experienced riders.
    Large and triple gallops on the beaches, sustained trotting sessions and long stroll of 2 to 3 hours.
If you like dressage, it is also possible, the second fazenda has 25 mares including small young people who just want to go out with the big ones.
There are also foals, hens, ducks, geese, turkeys, cows ...


Here, we ride more with a cowgirls hat than with a bomb but you are invited to come with your equipment (bomb, shoes, boots, gloves, pants, sunglasses, sunscreen) if you prefer because don't have one here.
On the saddle side, we offer very comfortable western saddles, they assure you serene gallops.
No mores but hackamores.
Long stirrups and flexible reindeer.
The ride is different, but don't worry, we will give you all the necessary information on site.
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Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information and send us your wishes. We will answer them with great pleasure.

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