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All year

A day on the shores
endless of Ceara, between dunes, oases, lagoons and pristine beaches, a day to take in your eyes !!

Impossible not to do this buggy ride! If you have time, we highly recommend it. You will have lunch in a small fishing village at the end of the world to eat grilled lobsters facing the ocean.



All year

Half a day in Aracati, discovering its colonial historic part, its market and the effervescent atmosphere of its main shopping street. Then drive to Canoa Quebrada, an old hippie town, to explore Broadway Road, its shops and its beach overhung by majestic red cliffs.

Accompanied by your driver who will show you where to go, will follow you if necessary and will wait for you wherever you go. Free but guided visit.

Lunch, free drink on the beach of Canoa Quebrada where you will find barracas on stilts at the foot of the cliffs: magic!

Up to 4 people


According to availability of the fisherman

Three hours of trips on the Rio Pirangi to Parajuru in a typical local fisherman's boat.

You will go up the river slowly to discover the mangrove. Stop on immaculate and picnic sandbanks.

You can also try your hand at fishing with your captain.

Lunch not included, whole boat up to 8 people.


From January to May

We try to bring together the best of local crafts in our small showroom in Castelo Vendom, but we can also offer you to meet artists such as Neill Preece, artist metal sculptor.

A kilometer quelq ues very Parajuru, it has a workshop and a huge exhibition space where you talk about his art.

We will take the opportunity to return quietly by the cross tracks to discover the hidden villages.

Up to 3 people


According to availability of the master

1 hour capoeira lesson on the beach in the late afternoon or at Castelo Vendom with Maitre Marujo, your instructor. Recognized throughout Brazil for his art, he will give you lessons in Portuguese. Easy to follow, just look at it.


All year

The Parajuru lagoon and its river are perfect for paddle boarding.

We offer half-day rental to give you time to rest between two sessions.

For 1 person

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